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What is an annual boiler service?

Whatever the age of your boiler it will require an annual boiler service to ensure that it runs safely and efficiently.

The annual boiler service is also necessary to fulfill the conditions of the most manufacturers’ boiler warranties. Many industry-leading companies’ boilers must be serviced annually to ensure your guarantee is valid.

Whether you have an oil boiler service, or gas boiler service, it will usually take around an hour to complete.

The boiler service must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer, for natural gas and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) boilers, or if you have an oil boiler, a heating engineer registered with OFTEC.

Why do you need to have boiler serviced annually?

The four main reasons for having a boiler service carried out on an annual basis are:
1. To meet the conditions of manufacturer boiler service warranty
2. To ensure that all your boiler components are working safely
3. To ensure that your boiler is working efficiently and that all parts are in optimal condition
4. To ensure your boiler is giving maximum energy efficiency savings when it runs

What should be inspected and checked in your annual boiler service?

Boiler visual inspections (to ensure that it meets current standards):
• Water leaks
• External damage to the boiler
• Condition of electrics
• Evidence of poor-quality installation.
• Suitability of the boiler and controls for purpose
• The proximity of combustible materials to the boiler
• Accessibility for repair and service
• Signs of overheating or stress

What is gas fire servicing?

Domestic gas fires offer a welcoming heat source in the colder winter months. A gas safe registered engineer should carry out an annual gas fire service to check that the gas fire is working efficiently and most importantly, safely.

A gas fire service will normally comprise of a gas fire safety check, plus additional checks and cleaning of the following areas of your gas fire:
• The gas fire’s overall condition
• General cleaning
• Check the gas fire’s installation pipework is correct
• Check that the ventilation is adequate
• Check the wear and tear on the flue, and that it is operating efficiently

If you have a gas fire with a back boiler, you will need a boiler and gas fire service. This involves stripping down the boiler, cleaning out the combustion chamber and performance checks on both the associated pipework and meter to ensure they work efficiently and safely. It’s also essential to check that no leaks have developed since the last service.
Regular gas fire maintenance is essential. A faulty gas fire may lead to leaks of carbon monoxide or gas, which has both fire and health risks.
A gas fire service should include a gas fire safety check to ensure there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire risk. In addition, cleaning of the gas fire and checks on its condition, and its performance, to ensure it is working optimally. All checks and tests should be carried out according to the appropriate manufacturers’ standards for the gas fire.


Boiler service: £75.00 inc VAT

Gas fire service: £75.00 inc VAT

OFFER: Combined Boiler & Gas fire service: £130.00 inc VAT 

We are Ideal Accredited Installers

As Ideal accredited installers we pride ourselves on our commitment to setting the highest standards, and maintaining Ideals reputation for quality, reliability and providing a great service. Every single Ideal boiler is put through rigorous testing and control measures during production to ensure that when we install we know we are fitting a quality product.


How much is an annual inspection and gas safety certificate?2022-02-18T14:36:53+00:00

Annual inspection plus copy of the Gas Safety Certificate cost: £90.00 inc VAT.

What about emergency boiler repairs?2022-02-18T14:21:09+00:00

These must be fixed within 24 hours. Having no access to hot water or heating is a constitutional hazard.

How long do landlords have to fix a faulty boiler?2022-02-18T14:20:23+00:00

The law states that minor repairs must be done in a “reasonable time”.

Who’s responsible for servicing the boiler?2022-02-18T14:19:38+00:00

The landlord

Does a landlord have to fix the boiler if it’s broken?2022-02-18T14:19:05+00:00

No matter your tenancy agreement, rental properties must have a working boiler that provides both heat and hot water. This can be an electric, gas or combi boiler.

Does the landlord need to supply a gas safety certificate?2022-02-18T14:17:19+00:00

The law requires landlords to carry out an annual inspection and provide tenants with a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate. Each certificate lasts 12 months.

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